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MMK Security Program

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At MMK Systems d.o.o., our primary focus is safeguarding customers' data. For this reason we have invested in the appropriate resources and controls to protect and service our customers. We are focused on defining new and redefining existing control mechanisms, implementing and managing the security framework, and providing a support structure to facilitate effective risk management.

In line with this effort, MMK Systems obtained its ISO 27001 certification through an independent audit. The certification confirms that data security is one of the highest priorities for our company.
Data protection and security standards have always been integral to the business. The ISO 27001 certification shows that our software meets all the requirements to the highest international standards.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO framework is a combination of policies and processes. ISO 27001 provides a framework to help businesses protect their information systematically and effectively by adopting an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The framework provides companies with the necessary knowledge to protect their data and most valuable information and offers an opportunity to be certified, thereby showing its customers and partners that it protects their data.


What does it mean for our clients?

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, information and data, along with cloud-based platforms, are the organisation’s centre, impacting every aspect of MMK Systems, from its services to the clients that the services are provided.   MMK Systems has implemented this information security management system to ensure the highest levels of accountability and integrity regarding such information and services provided to clients.


For any questions about our ISO 27000 Certificcation please contact us at security@mmksystems.com or write us by mail at MMK Systems, Radnicka Cesta 52, 10000 Zagreb Croatia.