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At MMK, we all come to work every day because we want to make yacht charter business easier to handle. Yachting is supposed to be fun, so our goal is to create more time for charter professionals to develop closer relationships with their clients.

We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to empower cooperation between Charter Operators and Agencies. Our team of Heroes is excited to create intelligent yacht charter business solutions for everyone through our software, education, and community.



  • Creating a successful company is not only about getting the right idea at the right time. Above else it is about team of ambitious people supporting each other and having courage to push their limits to achieve something that hasn’t been done before. I am happy to see that MMK became a company of such people.

    Marko Gnjidić
  • Since the first day in MMK, this place has become my second home. Every day is different, full of excitement and hard work. But at the end of the day, when our clients are happy and job is done, my heart is fulfilled.

    Martina Hršak
  • Witnessing the impact MMK has on the industry and the tangible benefits that come with using Booking Manager is genuinely impressive. It's rewarding to see how strong our customer relationships become as they increase their booking volumes and streamline daily  operations upon joining us. I take great joy in sharing these achievements with a fantastic team of outstanding and dedicated professionals.

    Benjamin Jim van Leeuwen
    Business Development


  • For me MMK is a priceless experience! Not only for the professional development which I have been experiencing since my first day at the company, but also for the great people that now I consider friends.

    Mario Mamić
  • I am happy to have an opportunity to do the job that makes my blood racing in such a positive work atmosphere. Each task is a new challenge that involves both knowledge and personal effort. Such approach always delivers results beyond expectations and brings a smile on my face.

    Maja Kakić
  • MMK brings positive changes to this industry, so it is great privilege and amazing experience for me to work here. The moment you see your clients happy and realize that you are part of great team, that managed to provide them with solution that saved their time and helped them to be successful companies is priceless.

    Zdenko Filipčić
  • Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is the best description of my experience working at MMK Systems. It is not only an excellent opportunity for career development and polishing my skills but a true honor to be a part of such motivated and inspiring team.

    Dario Horvat
  • It is a big pleasure to help our industry to discover and use an innovative solution like Booking Manager. Encouraging working atmosphere and great team-work relationship are something that makes MMK perfect environment to grow and develop your own professional qualities.

    Maja Karanović
    Event Manager
  • It’s such a great joy to work in a small yet global company like MMK Systems. I appreciate being a part of a successful sales team, working in an international environment with clients from all over the world, and having the support from colleagues always to do my best and learn something new.

    Marija Kvesić
    On Maternity Leave


  • Working at MMK Systems as a programmer enables me to improve my skills. Great relationship between colleagues improves my experience and it allows me to learn in nice and helpful working environment.

    Antonio Brezjan
    Release Manager
  • Enthusiasm is what describes both me and my development team here at MMK, if you ask me. We are constantly looking ahead to find new ways of bettering our current system version and at the same time building off ideas and innovating the future versions.

    Filip Prelac
    Team Lead
  • Working in MMK gives me chance to continuously learn from a great team. I'm happy to work in such positive environment with many opportunities to grow professionally.

    Matej Lazić
  • I am happy to work in a company like MMK Systems. Doing the job I love and cooperating with talented team members in a friendly atmosphere creates the perfect conditions for professional development and improvement of my skills.

    Nina Gnjidić
  • I like to see progress on daily basis. Upgrade of software products that are outcome of the great team effort and personal input makes me proud to be a part of this company. With constant progress and the creation of new solutions while improving the existing ones, it makes me a better professional in my work and I continue to develop my knowledge and skills.

    Matija Varjačić
  • Being a part of MMK development team means being ahead of the game. Taking care of our client’s future needs is what we expect each time we improve our code and write seamless software solutions to our market.

    Dominik Marčić
  • I enjoy learning about the latest programming trends and developing applicable solutions for clients. Having an experienced team at MMK helps me to broaden my horizons and learn how to quickly come up with the best possible code. There is nothing better than to see your work solve an actual issue!

    Kristijan Vidović

Web Development

  • I have spent most of my career working in MMK and since the fresh start I have been focused on doing my best. Even on bad days, it is inspiring company culture that has the strong impact on my engagement and keeps me more productive.

    Dean Košutić
  • Exciting improvements are part of my daily work philosophy. Having inspiring colleagues to bounce ideas with is what makes my job in MMK so rewarding.

    Frane Konjevoda


  • The support team is at the heart of Booking Manager business as we always put customers first, and it is a great honour to be a part of that. The team spirit and the “can-do” attitude are truly inspiring. Every day is different, and there is never a dull moment - I love that!

    Ramzi Haddad
    Head of Support
  • Being a part of MMK Systems support team is not only an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth but very rewarding as well. Every day is different, dynamic, at times challenging but all that maters is that our clients needs are met.

    Petra Hršak
    Senior Support
  • Working in MMK Systems with a great professionals in a friendly atmosphere is like you are with longtime friends. That is the best environment if you want to grow and learn new and exciting stuff.

    Diego Pacifico
    Senior Support
  • It is a real pleasure to be a part of the Support team in an innovative company like MMK Systems. Encouraging working atmosphere and great team-work relationship are something that makes MMK an excellent environment to grow and develop my own professional skillset.

    Marko Mihoci
  • The thing I like the most about my job is the positive influence we have on the business success of our partners. It’s great to leave the office with personal satisfaction, knowing that you have helped someone to work better.

    Benjamin Berković
  • Working as MMK customer support team member gives me feeling of having the whole world in my hands because we communicate with so many clients from all over the world on a daily basis. I'm proud to make clients happy because great customer service is the holy grail of business and I'm proud to be part of the great MMK team.

    Vedran Bašura-Vlahek
  • Being part of a successful support team and working in an international environment with clients from all over the world is truly a joy. The constant support from my colleagues motivates me to always do my best.

    Nikola Kuzmić

Data Entry

  • It is great satisfaction to work in such well organized and fast growing IT company. Chance to learn something new every day and dynamic work environment along with innovative team of helpful colleagues is biggest MMK value. I’m very proud to be a part of this global and successful team.

    Liza Bikulova
    Data Entry


  • Working in marketing has always been a big goal of mine, and becoming a part of MMK Systems is truly a dream come true. The team of ambitious, determined and helpful people creates the perfect work environment and I'm learning something new every day.

    Lorena Franjić
    Head of Marketing
  • Working in marketing has always been a big goal of mine, and becoming a part of MMK Systems is truly a dream come true. The team of ambitious, determined and helpful people creates the perfect work environment and I'm learning something new every day.

    Marino Gluhak
  • When your work with a great team in a great atmosphere it's like you are with friends hanging out at the beach. Working in MMK is the best thing you can do if you want to grow and learn new and exciting stuff.

    Nadia D'Addezio
    On Maternity Leave
  • Being part of a great marketing team in a fantastic atmosphere is a true joy. The positivity in each workday inspires me to be more productive and passionate about what we do.

    Petra Poropat


  • In MMK Systems every day is different, dynamic and full of new and challenging tasks. I consider myself very lucky for experiencing professional growth with an amazing and helpful team.

    Anamarija Šišić
  • I am one of the newest employee on-board, just at the beginning of the road, but already amazed by the company’s mode of operation. Each task is an opportunity to learn something new and develop professional skills.

    Natalia Kuljovski


  • Strong values and team work would be my first hints to describe working experience in this company. I am proud of being here as the part of success story in such a competitive market environment.

    Armando Bortolazzi
    Head of Administration
  • Here for almost a decade and have never felt anything but happiness. Doing the job I love in such a positive work environment, surrounded by kind young people makes me satisfied and motivated to always do my best.

    Tatjana Mladenović
  • As the newest member of the accounting department, I am really enjoying all the experience and knowledge sharing with my colleagues here at MMK. I thrive on providing my insights to others and getting genuine feedback from them as I believe this is the key to greater success.

    Ines Glasnović

Snack Testing

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    Head of Happines
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    Happines Advufsor