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Top 5 Booking Manager Features To Manage Your Business


Top 5 Booking Manager Features To Manage Your Business
Dijana Cvitas

28 February, 2022 | 5 min read

Local Booking Manager (LBM) is the only solution you need to fully run your charter business! It's your back office, CRM and your true partner for everyday work organization and management!
Local Booking Manager System offers many features and functionalities that allow you to automate all of your daily tasks, work faster and save time and money. You can choose among the two LBM packages of usage that suit your needs the most – Medium and Advanced!
We bring you the Top 5 features available in the Advanced version that would greatly benefit your business!

1. Financial Monitoring

Payment Analyser: this feature automates all the manual tasks to generate an advanced payments overview, check debts and send payment reminders.

Expected Payments: Local Booking Manager can generate various reports to easily manage your charter fleet, monitor expected payments and plan cash flow.

Invoice Review Report: monitor your business and finances and have an overview all the invoices created in a certain period, by specific operator, on billing device, with specific payment method and more.

2. Competitors Overview

One of the most important and most used feature in the System is Revenue Planning, giving you real-time overview of the yacht charter market and insight of where you stand in regards to your competitors, allowing you to adjust offers accordingly. Revenue Planning will show you average price of boats similar to yours and occupancy rate, advising you not to give discounts when not needed or to adjust prices when needed.

3. Boat Maintenance & Warehouse

Service module: this feature helps you successfully handle yacht management, boat maintenance, stock products and effectively organize activities and tasks of your workers. At any point you can you can simply access the service card of the boat and monitor the performances of your team.

4. Automatic Statistic Reports

Agency Financial Performance: this report enables you to easily display and monitor reservations, bookings and payments of your partner agencies, which gives you an overview of their performances over time.

Yacht Financial Performace report: monitor the financial performance of your fleet and generate this report for any year your fleet has been in Booking Manager, which enables you to make comparisons between years and make business decisions.

Owner Share List report: if you have yachts also owned by other private owners under the charter management, you can generate a report called Owner Share List which shows the performance of the specific yacht in terms of costs, incomes and profit.

5. Marketing Automatization

Easily create and manage your own effective newsletter campaign by directly connecting your customer database to Mail Chimp, which allows you to synchronize your contacts, track statistics of sent campaigns and be legally compliant with the unsubscription form.