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V14 Portal Booking Sheet

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V14 Booking Sheet is a reservations tool which helps you automate your complete booking process and work faster with your clients. This interactive feature allows you to effectively display and organize your searches as well as to quickly check all the important yacht details.

Infinitely Scroll Through Your Search

Infinite srcoll enables you to view your search results without any limitations or boundaries. Use your infinite scroll to go beyond the horizon.

Check Yacht Equipment at a Glance

Checking yacht equipment is now easier and much more intuitive. Check the icons displayed beneath each yacht in the V14 booking sheet saving your time.

Modify Your Offer

Offering yachts from providers that provide one-way charter enables you to create added charter variety for your clients. Modify your offers into one-way charters using the V14 booking sheet.
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David Baxter

Clients Speak For Themselves

We have already noticed enquiries coming in from new sources and as the system is linked to our new website it is much easier for potential clients to find a good overall picture of our fleet and sailing areas.

David Baxter,
General Manager, Yildiz Yachting 14 29 36 38
Kirstie Palmer

Clients Speak For Themselves

"When I joined Waypoints, I decided that we switch to MMK booking system and it was possibly the best thing we decided to do. We have a great API which automatically talks to our booking system and goes to our website. So we update everything and it's always up to the minute updated on our website. We also have our owners that can go and see their calendars and we are bringing in much, much more with MMK. They've been a great help to Waypoints!"

Kirstie Palmer,
PRESIDENT at Waypoints 14 29 36 38
Adriana Bošnjak

Clients Speak For Themselves

“We were looking for a way to offer real-time availability online but did not want to compromise on the way our yachts and crew were presented.  OSH priority is a high-end service after all. With Booking Manager option for  the Crewed Charter we don't need to compromise! Our fleet and most importantly our crew is presented in a modern way and we are able to showcase it to over 5000 Booking Manager broker partners! Finally, we have a solution to increase the bookings and organise our operations!"

Adriana Bošnjak,
Charter Broker at Ocean Sailing House 14 29 36 38