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Pro Review Management

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Pro Review is a simple and effective way to gain even more distribution through the Booking Manager System by social proofing the added value of your charter services. Grow your reputation with your current partners and start being the prime choice to new partners by leveraging this new easy-to-use feature.

Leave a Review

Charter Agencies can easily scroll through their bookings and create a Pro review for any completed reservation but also recommend the charter company in general. Communicate your satisfaction with the cooperation using the star system and by leaving a comment.

Reply to the Review

Charter Suppliers can use Online Booking Manager to view all of their Pro reviews for the entire fleet. The notification icon will be visible in the navigation bar as soon as you log in to alert you to new reviews waiting for your replies.


The complete communication between the Charter Suppliers and Charter Agencies remains visible for both sides to be checked and revised at any point.
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Clients Speak For Themselves

We always dreamed that the client could be able to get all optional extras in a few clicks. That was not possible until MMK introduced the XML service, which enabled us to get all info about current discounts and availability.

Project Manager, YachtGuru/Velmundi 27 32 8 39
Sandra Maraš

Clients Speak For Themselves

"Customer experience is our highest priority and we wanted the website to reflect that. By simplifying the booking process our clients are able to get all the information needed to book the sailing Hollidays that fit their needs. Bareboat, crewed or cabin, our website offers it all!"

Sandra Maraš,
Booking and Product Manager, Orvas Yachting 27 32 8 39
Robert Vrabac

Clients Speak For Themselves

“We reached out to MMK as we needed to branch out our growing business by creating a modern website. Form the initial point of contact they understood our needs and were able to build the Titarosa website just as we imagined it! Using their yacht charter specific know-how, we now have a website that we are extremely proud of. It is responsive, beautifully designed and ultimately meets all of our client needs. I would recommend their web development and design to everyone in yacht charter.”

Robert Vrabac,
CEO at Titarosa 27 32 8 39