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Present your Crew

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Once the Crew members had been added to Address book it only takes a few clicks to assign them to desired yachts and have them presented to Agents.The Crew Brochure is broker friendly and can be sent directly to the clients. This way both agents and clients are informed with all the crew details quickly and easily, avoiding endless correspondence.

Manage Crew Display

Easily add or remove or just switch specific crew members for each yacht however you see fit, and have any change you make on your LBM visible in just a few clicks.

Publish Relevant Information

Display any information or any specific skillset that your crew utilize to benefit your client’s yachting experiences, and make them visible to every charter agent on the Portal.

Assign your Crew

Agencies around the globe can now easily check any crew data you display on your crewed yachts. Be sure to upload the data to generate more reservations for your crewed fleet!
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Igor Ibarguchi

Clients Speak For Themselves

With mobile version of Booking Manager we are able to access our planning tables, bookings, invoices and address book, wherever we are - even at the sea!

Igor Ibarguchi,
General Manager, Rumbo Norte 19 7 25 38
Adriana Bošnjak

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager made our lives easier by helping us work faster and send our offers easier, create invoices with one click and send professional newsletters.

Adriana Bošnjak,
CEO, Ocean Sailing House 19 7 25 38
Maja Šironja

Clients Speak For Themselves

We couldn't imagine working without the System! Also MMK staff is the most friendly and helpful, this is what we find very important!

Maja Šironja,
Booking Manager, Under The Heavens Sailing 19 7 25 38