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Booking Manager back office solution enables you to automate payment tracking and invoicing. By using advanced reservation feature you can easily add extra services to be paid at the base to any reservation and issue invoices for any services that haven't been paid in advance.

1. Prepare Invoices in Advance

Booking Manager allows you to create invoices at the base for any extra service that hasn't been paid upfront. Also, you are able to prepare all your invoices in advance, and quickly issue them at check-in time in any of 21 supported languages.

2. Use Multiple Currencies

If you need to use multiple currencies, Booking Manager directly connects with the European Central Bank and saves your time by automatically converting the amounts. This way your client can conveniently receive offers in his own national currency while extra services will be automatically invoiced in your local currency.

3. Charge Unpaid Amount

If any reservation is marked with a red "currency label" it will signal that the booking hasn't been paid completely and that you need to collect the rest of the payment at check-in time. At that moment you are then able to issue an invoice for the remaining amount and quickly finish the process.
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