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Send best offers in real time and make more bookings

Booking Manager Portal allows your team members to login at the same time and increase profit by searching for the best offers and automatically issue invoices.

Invoice Faster

Booking Manager Portal helps you save time by automatically creating booking conformations, invoices for clients and agency commission invoices.

Enter recieved payments, track overdue clients and find any information about your financial performance and cash flow in only few clicks.


Find Special Offers

Find all last minute, short term charters and discounted weeks at one place on www.booking-manager.com portal. This possibility allows you to always offer yachts with the best prices and to become more competitive on the market.

Choose between promoted days or weeks and send the best offers to your clients.


Add More Users

Allow multiple users to login to your existing account at Booking Manager Portal. Assign different logins and passwords to your employees and let them all work at the same time.

This way your team will have access to the company account and will be able to create offers, options, bookings and necessary documents on their own.


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