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Offer direct booking and increase clients' satisfaction

Booking Manager helps you accomplish much better visibility on search engines by allowing your clients to search for yachts and create requests or bookings directly on your website.

Web Search Engine

Web Booking Manager is a search engine for website that is currently being used by several hundred agencies and charter operators. It can easily be integrated into your website and enable real time search for website visitors.

Web Booking Manager is the easiest way to offer online booking on your website.


XML Data Export

XML web service enables you to use Booking Manager database to present all yachts from the System with their prices, discounts, photos, equipment and all additional information on your website.

Connection to the database is available 24/7 and your website visitors will always be able to search and book yachts in real time .


Website Integration

In order to become more competitive on the online market, it is extremely important to have a website with quality content and wide offer of yachts available in real time.

Booking Manager helps you with that by providing a complete design of the website, implementation and fully integration with the System.


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