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Global Booking Network

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Agencies have free access to search and on-line booking tools, that allow you to search through all the yachts in our database at any time. Use the advantages of fast and user-friendly search options to work faster and get more clients

Book Global Market 24/7

Booking Manager Portal automates all aspects of the booking process including searching for available yachts, price and discount calculations, creating offers, confirming bookings and issuing invoices.

Depending on your agency needs, it saves significant amount of time to the office staff and speeds up the workflow.

Send Quick Offers

Booking Manager enables you to send automatic quick price quote offers by using multiple filters to get wanted results, adding additional discounts or optional extras and choosing from largest language and currency list.

Radar feature, the unique solution on the market, allows you to find nearby bases and upgrade your offer.

Unify Your Workflow

Lagrest real time database allows you to find a perfect yacht for your client, send offer, create option or a booking in just few seconds. Choose any of  the offered charter operators and without need to additionally confirm the availability, safely confirm your booking.

Rely on Booking Manager Portal available for you 24/7.

Igor Ibarguchi

Clients Speak For Themselves

With mobile version of Booking Manager we are able to access our planning tables, bookings, invoices and address book, wherever we are - even at the sea!

Igor Ibarguchi,
General Manager, Rumbo Norte 9 7 13 27
dr. Simone Morelli

Clients Speak For Themselves

With Booking Manager System, I can automatically send booking confirmations, display financial statistics and track overdue payments. It’s all there.

dr. Simone Morelli,
CEO, North Sardinia Sail 9 7 13 27
Gorana Bardak

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager and LogIN are both specialists in charter business area creating herewith a valuable product for charter operators to speed up their work processes and enable them to make their business decisions on time.

Gorana Bardak,
Key Account Manager, LogIN 9 7 13 27