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We are looking for a Graphic Designer to create innovative visual concepts to effectively communicate product values and enhance brand awareness. In this role you will work on variety of projects and collaborate with internal departments, such as marketing and sales to integrate creative solutions in various strategies as well as directly with customers to ensure delivery of high quality concepts.

Who You are

  •   You are highly creative person
  •   Skilled in using graphic software solutions
  •   Familiar with new design trends
  •   Precise and efficient
  •   Innovative thinker
  •   You are motivated to deliver results, have a team spirit and strong work ethic.

What are Your Tasks and Responsibilities

  •   Communicate specific goal through visual concepts
  •   Maintain and update websites content
  •   Implement your ideas in different design concept
  •   Designing promotional material
  •   Creating and editing images
  •   Introduce clients with possibilities and advise on best solutions

What We Offer

With a culture of strong work ethic and comfortable environment, MMK is a great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. We offer effective training programs and support to successfully meet business challenges and achieve career advancement.

  •   Competitive salary
  •   Flexible hour arrangements
  •   Career development

Job Location

  •   MMK Systems Offices in Zagreb, Croatia

Application form

    • Here for a short time and already learned so much from these great people. Going to work with smile and creating something wonderful every day is what matters the most.

    Siniša Plevnik

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