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Customer Support We are looking for a Technical Support member to ensure reliable assistance and high quality customer service. In this role you will communicate with customers on a daily base and help them with any possible issue regarding the usage of the company products. You will be responsible for detecting customers needs and promptly deliver the effective solution.

Who You are

  •   Experienced in yacht charter business
  •   Efficient and organized in multitasking
  •   You are decisive and have a leadership skills
  •   Patient, proactive and helpful to customer needs
  •   Comfortable with taking an initiative
  •   You have strong presentation and communicational skills
  •   Fluent in Croatian and English, both written and spoken. Any other language is a bonus
  •   You are motivated to deliver results, have a team spirit, strong work ethic, friendly and engaging personality.

What are Your Tasks and Responsibilities

  •   Introduce customer with the installation process and possibilities of the specific feature
  •   Helping customer to better understand usage of company product
  •   Importing customer data into the system
  •   Educate customer to provide samostalno koristenje programa
  •   Answering customer questions and providing them with accurate and detailed feedback
  •   Identifying customer issue and promptly deliver solution
  •   Tracking the progress of each assigned task

What We Offer

With a culture of strong work ethic and comfortable environment, MMK is a great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. We offer effective training programs and support to successfully meet business challenges and achieve career advancement.

  •   Starting salary up to 1,500 €
  •   Flexible hour arrangements
  •   Career development

Job Location

  •   MMK Systems Offices in Zagreb, Croatia

Application form

    • I love to work in the atmosphere where your colleagues are always here for you, where you learn something new every day and where being 2nd best is not an option.

    Zvonimir Molnar

    / Support

    • The thing I like the most about my job is the positive influence we have on the business success of our partners. It’s great to leave the office with personal satisfaction, knowing that you have helped someone to work better.

    Danijel Kordić

    / Support

    • When your work with a great team in a great atmosphere it's like you are with friends hanging out at the beach. Working in MMK is the best thing you can do if you want to grow and learn new and exciting stuff.

    Nadia D'Addezio

    / Support

    • Working as MMK customer support team member gives me feeling of having the whole world in my hands because we communicate with so many clients from all over the world on a daily basis. I'm proud to make clients happy because great customer service is the holy grail of business and I'm proud to be part of the great MMK team.

    Sabina Kucelj

    / Support

    • Being a part of MMK Systems support team is not only an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth but very rewarding as well. Every day is different, dynamic, at times challenging but all that maters is that our clients needs are met.

    Mijo Mamić

    / Support