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Back-end Developer

We are looking for a Java programmer to join our Development team. In this role you will be responsible for maintaining software products as well as designing and testing new software projects. Above all, you will contribute to development of world’s most advanced yacht charter software solution.

Who You are

You are not simply a coder. You have a strong desire to create new things that nobody else has and to create a lasting value with your software. You are proud of what you do and what your clients see from the outside and what your peers see from the inside of your code.

  •   You describe your self as computer programmer
  •   You are searching for a carreer not simply a job and you understand that learning never stops
  •   Skilled in using Java and want to be focused on perfecting the language
  •   Reliable, precise and efficient with strong work ethic
  •   You are motivated to deliver results, have a team spirit and strong work ethic

What are Your Tasks and Responsibilities

Delivering inovative ideas that solve real problems of our clients and make their life easier and more productive is a core assignment of every person in the company regardless of the field. The key word here being "delivering"

  •   Creating and maintaining solutions for the world-leading system for yacht charter
  •   Debugging and identifying possible problems in communication with support department
  •   Methodically testing the code and fixing errors before they reach the clients

What We Offer

With a culture of strong work ethic and friendly and informal environment, MMK is a great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. We offer effective training programs and support to successfully meet business challenges and achieve career advancement.

  •   Competitive salary
  •   Flexible hour arrangements
  •   Career development

Job Location

  •   MMK Systems Offices in Zagreb, Croatia

Application form

    • Working as a programer at MMK makes me feel complete and it brings the constant opportunity for learning new skills and mastering the challanges of my current role. Encouraging working atmosphere and genuine team-work assets are someting that makes this company truly stand out among other competitors in the market, which only eases the execution of regular, daily tasks.

    Hrvoje Vuković

    / Development

    • It feels great to see daily progress and improvement of the product as a result of the effective teamwork and your personal contribution to it. Along with delivering new solutions and improving the existing ones, you can't help but grow and develop your own professional qualities.

    Marijana Barnjak

    / Development

    • Working at MMK Systems as a programmer enables me to improve my abilities every day. The great atmosphere between colleagues in the company greatly contributes to that and allows me to combine business with pleasure.

    Mislav Piskać

    / Development