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New Island Spirit Website

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Island Spirit decided to make the website as exciting as their offer. With the attention to detail to achieve recognisable branding and in line with the unique sailing experience, the website is the ideal representation of the high-level customer service Island Spirit stands for.

Recognisable Brand

Island Spirit opted for design, typography, spaces, sizes and number of elements on their website to achieve a cleaner and clearer layout keeping the customer behaviour in mind, which resulted in a very recognisable brand presence.
Ronald Patston

Clients Speak For Themselves

"We wanted this web site to be simple but advanced, modern but sophisticated and the most important: easy to use for clients. Great job by MMK team, thanks so much!"

Ronald Patston,
CEO at Island Spirit

Charter Content

Island Spirit website is rich in original content, from detailed destination descriptions to local mooring spots with the most amazing sunsets. The content is carefully curated to help the clients make informed decisions and form expectations based on facts.

Reviews on Display

Knowing the value of first-hand experience, Island Spirit decided to have their reviews visible on their website's home page, allowing clients to read other sailors' experiences and establishing trust from the very first click.

Website Concept

Island Spirit's main focus was to offer a pleasant user experience as an introduction to a dream vacation. The booking process had been reduced to just a few steps allowing the clients to access all the needed data in a user-friendly way.
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