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Pro Review

With new fleets joining the system daily, it is crucial for agents to have an easy way to get insight into customer experiences. That is why Pro Review was created.

Star Ratings

Similar to other industry rating scales, Pro Review allows agents to rate bookings and charter companies with up to 5 stars, one marking the lowest and five standing for the highest satisfaction level.

Comments & Remarks

On top of leaving the star rating, the agents can leave comments about their overall experience with a Charter Operator providing priceless feedback and suggestions for improvement of services.

Stellar Reviews

The star ratings and reviews will be visible to each Charter Operator for their fleet as well as all agents using the Booking Manager Portal helping them decide which company to book with.
Marija Blašković

Clients Speak For Themselves

Ultra Sailing is very satisfied with the fact that Booking Manager team is always at our service. They successfully adapt each new market request for our specific needs.

Marija Blašković,
Booking Manager, Ultra Sailing 28 24 18 32
Tamara Jadrić

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager is our exclusive system for managing options and bookings and we really rely on it. It helps us plan our discount strategy by giving us overview of competitors in real time. Additionally, System enables us to create advanced reports important for our management.

Tamara Jadrić ,
CSO, Adriatic Sailing 28 24 18 32
Sandra Maraš

Clients Speak For Themselves

"Customer experience is our highest priority and we wanted the website to reflect that. By simplifying the booking process our clients are able to get all the information needed to book the sailing Hollidays that fit their needs. Bareboat, crewed or cabin, our website offers it all!"

Sandra Maraš,
Booking and Product Manager, Orvas Yachting 28 24 18 32