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The new Baotić Charter website offers stunning visuals and captivating display to prepare the imagination of any web visitor for what their next boating adventure will look like. The website is augmented with a powerful search to offer simplicity in use throughout the booking process. From enabling quick searches based on user preferences to depicting optimised route information and simplifying any extra or auxiliary service the company offers it enables a fully rounded customer experience.

Corporate Inclusivity

For big and highly diversified brands such as “Baotić” it is imperative to harness the strength of branding throughout the corporation’s online landscape. Attention to detail in branding was paramount in creation of this website to ensure a smooth transition from the dedicated Yacht Charter website to Yacht Sales & Marina services website, simultaneously keeping up with the visual representation of the brand regardless of the change from one service scope to another.
Ivona Dilber

Clients Speak For Themselves

“MMK team delivered the new Baotić Charter website which fits perfectly into our corporate branding, and it now offers another great supporting role for expanding our yacht charter business even further.”

Ivona Dilber,
Marketing Specialist at Marina Baotić

Choice Management

Using a comprehensive overview in the main page of all the charter service possibilities, the website carefully segments these in each section to enrich the user experience and generate added value with each click. The variety of options to directly communicate with the charter provider ranges from direct messaging to online chat and provides users with an added sense of stand-by support and security throughout the web journey.

One-Click Clarity

Each page of the website is specifically designed to ensure that the decision-maker is just one action away from adapting any step of the booking process to fit their specific needs. Changing booking dates, adding extras, or adjusting the exact number of crew is always only one click away. Every new choice or modification to a booking is accompanied with a simultaneous display to the charter calculation giving the opportunity to the user to easily keep track of their budget.
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