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Golden Partner Program

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Booking Manager Golden Partnership is an exclusive loyalty agreement for fleets that wish to reach the full potential of the system, increase their profits and reservation security. To benefit from a closer relationship, become Golden Partner and protect your business!

Booking Payment Security

Golden Partners are bookable exclusively in Booking Manager System and receive a special Golden Partnership Seal which certifies that bookings for that partner are safe and that Booking Manager guarantees payment security to agencies. This guarantee along with increased promotion and exclusivity of Golden Partner agreement guarantees that agencies will be more confident to book your fleet in the system.

Get more Bookings

Using many different tools and systems to achieve more bookings and profit is complicated and requires much more money and time into the effort of maintaining different systems than there is the benefit. Booking Manager offers charter operators and agencies a single system with most complete back-office tools and access to all major charter agencies. Make sure that your fleet is visible at the largest market.

Reduce Costs

Golden Partner fleets also benefit from reduced fees on all Booking Manager services including Maintenance and Transaction Fees, making Booking Manager more affordable. Additionally, using a single distribution channel ensures that end clients and agencies always have the correct and up-to-date information and eliminates information maintenance and data error costs.

Roman Schneider

Clients Speak For Themselves

We use Booking Manager every day. I like the possibility of having the access to the system from my mobile phone, so even in the evening when I am with my friends I can check the best offers and create direct options or bookings.

Roman Schneider,
Deputy Manager, Seawolf 27 2 22 27
Olivier Albahary

Clients Speak For Themselves

I appreciate MMK as our primary system. It helps us to work easier and get real time worldwide availability. Furthermore, I appreciate their nice friendly team and efficiency. If every booking system could be so performant, I would be really happy.

Olivier Albahary,
CEO, The GlobeSailor 27 2 22 27
Tonka Ugrinić

Clients Speak For Themselves

By using Booking Manager we have increased the number of bookings, cut down the office expenses and sped up the whole booking process. We simply would not be one of the best if we weren't using it!

Tonka Ugrinić,
Sales Manager, Angelina Yachtcharter 27 2 22 27