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The GlobeSailor

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The GlobeSailor
The GlobeSailor
The GlobeSailor
The GlobeSailor
The GlobeSailor

The Best Value for Money

Established in 2008 with its headquarters in Paris, France, The GlobeSailor always invests in preparing for the upcoming season with selecting only the best boats. "We meet our partners, visit their bases and the boats to ensure a high-quality service to offer the best deals!" – Says Olivier. Besides that, their team is in constant search for new and interesting, less crowded locations for their clients. That's why they travel a lot to explore new sailing areas. No matter whether you wish to rent a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Australia, South East Asia, the Caribbean or North America - The GlobeSailor will most definitely help you to find the best boat at the best price.

As one of the very first ''new age'' agencies that work at lower commissions, The GlobeSailor connects their guests directly with charter operators meaning client will receive direct quotations from the local charter operators who manage the fleet, with no sales intermediaries. For every quotation, customers can contact charter operator, check the previous reviews of real clients, and post their comment at the end of their trip. MMK seeks to connect online booking portals with all charter operators presented in the System and lower their costs as it offers automatic synchronization not only of the availability but also the prices, discounts and the equipment. This way daily business gets easier and faster for both sides. Client receives quick real-time offers for one or more boats from their website which in the end results in increasing clients trust and gives them best possible service.

All the boats listed on the GlobeSailor web page meet the specific standards of maintenance, comfort and guarantees essential to enjoy a wonderful cruise. If a charter operator does not match GlobeSailor quality standards, the operator will be deleted their fleet from the database.

The Best Charter Company of The Year Reward

In order to recognize a charter operator's quality of service, during the Paris Boat Show GlobeSailor organizes "The Best Charter Company of the Year" reward in three categories. With over 1000 professional charter companies worldwide, GlobeSailor has a unique 360° view of the yacht charter market and in this way, they wish to energize the yachting industry. In association with other professionals of the industry and magazines, the best charter company is selected upon factors such as base management, fleet quality, customer care and reviews.

Easy and Hassle-Free Bookings

The GlobeSailor is an easy-to-use multilingual website available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Polish. All of their booking agents are passionate sailors and native speakers of the language they speak with the clients. Each client is followed by a sales support representative who is here to provide all information on boats, quotations and destinations.

The GlobeSailor's goal is to make a boat booking easy and hassle-free for everyone. With the help of Booking Manager System they provide the best offers within 24 hours, mostly in the same hour and also allows clients to directly book online. With the possibility of sending newsletter directly from the System, they always inform their clients about updated discounts, flash deals, last minute and other special offers.

GlobeSailor also operates as a travel agency in order to meet the varied expectations of demanding holidaymakers such as cruises guided by local skippers. This enables a personalised and exclusive discovery of the chosen destination. On top of the cruising offer, the agency can also offer flights and customised land activities and visits. In addition to cabin and privatised cruises, GlobeSailor offers themed cruises where customer can combine sailing and golf, sailing and skiing, gastronomy, diving, yoga or any other custom segment of a unique holiday arrangement.

To find out more about GlobeSailor, please visit their website.