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Sailogy was founded with the goal of providing reliable, fast and complete booking solution for chartering recreational boats. Today Sailogy's platform provides immediate access to more than 12,000 yachts in 1,000 handpicked destinations.

A Hard Working Team With Innovative Ideas Leads to Great Success

The goal of Sailogy is “making boating simple”. During the years Sailogy developed a website designed to provide 100% transparency to customers. Boats are listed in real time, prices are accurate without any hidden fees, pictures of the yachts are real and it is even possible to have a direct chat with the boat managers in each marina. Based in Switzerland and headed by Manlio Accardo, former Marketing Director of Ferrari, Sailogy is a team of 16 fully dedicated people which performs tasks in the development of a website, sales and marketing. The Sailogy Board of Directors members is director of Apple, managing partner of a leading Investment Fund in Switzerland, a representative of the Swiss Public Administration and the Founder and Chairman of Lasminute.com Group.

Highest Standards Possible

Sailogy is sourcing boats only from the charter companies which they constantly evaluate their quality. A team of dedicated staff travels the world to take photos and videos of each boat, developing a personal relationship with charter managers. Sailogy adopts a very strict policy in terms of customer service so if a specific charter company fails to deliver the highest standards possible it is automatically removed from the system.

New Revolutionary Functionality

Sailogy has recognized that customers are in a daily use of various interactive tools, so they decided to make bookings even faster and with less effort. That's why they launched a revolutionary functionality in the industry that allows customers to option the boats with an SMS. A small down payment is charged by the phone carrier and, through the API, the option is placed automatically into the operator’s systems. Currently Sailogy is looking at new important projects such as dynamic prices, better inventory management and, most importantly, monetizing short periods such as weekends and day cruises which they will be able to do through new possibility of Booking Manager which is listed under Special offers. Users of Sailogy.com daily perform options and bookings in real-time through Booking Manager.

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