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As a network of wide range charter operators exclusively offering Linssen built yachts, LBH is Europe’s biggest provider in this segment. Over the years, they partner with specialist tour operators to organise unforgettable charter holidays.

Excellent Price - Quality Relationship

Linssen & Linssen BVBA, better known as ‘Linssen Boating Holidays’ is the umbrella label of currently 11 independent international boat charter operators - Waterfront Yachtcharter, Aqua Libra Yachtcharter, BBoat Yachtcharter, Yacht Charter Holiday Tours, Mobiliar Club und Charter, Puur Yachtcharter, France Fluviale, Saimaa Yachtcharter, Cantal Marine, Hobbs of Henley and Nasta Marine - from 8 different countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, France, The UK and Finland). They offer exclusive sailing holidays on Linssen yachts in Europe. These companies cooperate in marketing, organisation and cross bookings and all of them charter Linssen yachts.

Linssen yachts are luxury motor yachts with a very high quality standard built in Dutch yacht builder. For almost sixty-five years, the shipyard has been efficiently producing solid and stylish motor yachts with an excellent price-quality relationship. Modern infrastructure, production units and showroom are characteristic of LBH company. Therefore, the attitude of all Linssen dealers in Europe is: “Visiting the shipyard = buying!”.

Collaborative Partnership Creates a Massive Synergy

The cooperation through the Linssen factory and the LBH-network creates a massive synergy. „We stand out from others by combining our forces and presenting all individual charter companies as one brand, creating a very strong, loyal repeat booking clientele.“ – says Wendy. All charter operators - members of LBH gather once a year at a company's 'open days' event. There they hang out with their friends and families and exchange experiences and ideas for further promotion of a business.

Linssen & Linssen are continuously working on further development and identifying more exciting destinations, all in order to achieve guest satisfaction. They also launched a brand new website that is enabling them to reach even a wider range of clientele through their online activities.

Efficient Use of Special Offers

As the marketing umbrella of different individual companies, Linssen&Linssen uses Booking Manager boat rental reservation system. All Linssen charter operators use Booking Manager as a standard to manage thier day to day fleet operations, bookings, invoincing and marketing activities. This makes online booking very fast and helps to coordinate activities. Their agency works a lot with a booking sheet in the system. Wendy explains: „When there are ‘gaps’, we make sure that the destinations with less occupancy get more marketing attention. It also works in reverse, when a certain base has no availability we try to enable similar yachts and manage it from a different destination.“ Booking Manager software helps them to plan future promotional activities even more efficiently. To get a better visibility of special offers the System enables them to prioritise all available yachts with included special discounts, short term charters and one-way offers in order to present them to the clients in a relevant and efficient way. Greater transparency of special offers allows Linssen Boating Holidays to promote them with ease and to use it as a great marketing tool.

To find out more about Linssen Boating Holidays, please visit their website.

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