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Croatian charter operator ASC Yachting Gomar is one of the first charter companies on Adriatic coast, established 20 years ago at the humble beginning of the industry development. Over the years in which market flourished, they had successfully followed modernization and grow into the reputable company.

Challenging Starting Point

Family owned company ASC Yachting Gomar is based in Biograd, an attractive sailing area at the central position of Adriatic coast which gathers different charter operators with a diverse offer of more than 400 yachts to be selected by a potential customer. However, it was not always that simple nor easy to find a perfect yacht in Biograd. Back to the 1996, a true sailing enthusiast Gordan Borčilo broke a new ground and established ASC Yachting Gomar as one of the first charter companies in Croatia. At the time, the fleet consisted 16 sailing yachts and there were only 70 yachts available for booking from Biograd. Stabile business model with individual approach, supported by wide range knowledge and passion for business, has made ASC Yachting a part of the rapid charter industry growth in Croatia.

Complete Customer Service

Nowadays, ASC Yachting Gomar fleet consists 31 sailing yachts and 3 motor boats ranging from 21 to 54 feet, available for bareboat and crewed charter. From the very beginning, booking procedure has been handled by Gordan’s sister, Nađa Borčilo which applies conscious effort from the moment of creating a personalized offer till the end of check out procedure. During the years of company development, the team was also joined by Gordan’s daughter Marta Borčilo, a certified skipper in charge for providing safe and content sailing holiday to all customers interested in booking crewed charter.

ASC Yachting Gomar team consists of 18 employees, detailed orientated to different aspects of yacht management and customer service process, but with a unique aim to make sailing experience smooth and memorable. In order to provide a solution to various customer interests, ASC Yachting Gomar also organizes special events such as team building, flotilla cruising, regatta and one day sailing trips to Galešnjak Island, also known as the "Island of Love" because of its specific heart shape.

Solution to Multiply Success

In the beginning when company was at its start and charter industry was in it's infancy, chartering a boat was much more complex. Every part of the booking process implied a manual intervention and it was difficult to reach a potential customer. Effective promotion of the fleet and a unique offeres were often limited to direct contact with charter agencies and direct customers, while at the same time expanding a customer network was a long, expensive and exhausting process.

As the industry modernization brought new challenges and number of charter market players had increased, ASC Yachting Gomar decided to become MMK partner. Joining the System brought worldwide visibility and enabled them to reach targeted market online. All major agencies are able to check detailed information about ASC Yachting Gomar fleet and quickly book in real time. As Booking Manager user they are able to easily manage fleet and simplify entire financial process with effective invoicing tool and advanced financial reports. Additionally, tracking of the expenses is automated and helps ASC Yachting Gomar to save time, handle more clients and multiply success.

For more information check out ASC Yachting Gomar website.

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