Charter Operators

MMK Booking Manager software is the most advanced and complete system in the industry and most of the prominent charter companies are using it for their work in booking office and publishing their fleet on-line.

Distribution Partners

Booking Manager cooperates with other competing booking systems to provide our customers with best possible market exposure. Charter companies using the Booking Manager portal are also visible on the following independent booking systems:

Web Booking Manager

Web Booking Manager is web application used for online search and booking for available yachts worldwide registered in our system. All charter web sites built by MMK also have WBM integrated in their pages.

Web Sites

Besides the Booking Manager MMK also offers a web development services where companies can leverage their MMK booking system to have professional and interactive web pages. Here is the list of some of our web projects.

Golden Partners

MMK proudly presents companies that are exclusively available for real time booking in Booking Manager System. Golden status guarantees financial booking security, improved visibility and cost reduction.

Silver Partners

MMK proudly presents companies that use Booking Manager as a primary booking system and distribution channel for yacht charter. Silver Partnership delivers business benefits for charter operator and guarantees charter agencies secure booking.

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