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Tips that help you speed up your invoicing!
When you make reservations through Booking Manager properly and add all important info, you can automatize many tasks, significantly speed up work, and save a lot of time! Check out our tips to make your work faster!
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Top 5 Booking Manager Features To Manage Your Business
The only solution you need to fully run your charter business is Local Booking Manager (LBM)! It's your back office, CRM and your true partner for everyday work organization and management! We bring you top features that the System offers!
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5 Reasons Why to Join Booking Manager!
By joining Booking Manager your fleet becomes visible to the largest network of agencies, which boosts your chances to get more bookings and increase revenue. How can you benefit from the most advanced Yacht Charter Booking Engine?
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Why to Book directly through the system?
The System offers many advantages and reasons why you should make bookings directly through Booking Manager. Using the full potential of the system can significantly speed up your daily work and have all data in one place, available 24/7.
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How to Retain Customers and Start Doing Loyalty!
A true Loyalty comes out of a customer's positive experience with your company, which creates a high level of trust and drives a higher customer retention levels. Read our tips on doing loyalty through Booking Manager!
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Best Ways To Promote Without Boat Shows
Every company in our industry is relying on boat shows to maintain relationships with new and existing clients. But, how to acquire and retain customers they get canceled? Here are some tips and low-cost boat show alternatives you can use to invest in yourself.
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