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At MMK, we all come to work every day because we want to make yacht charter business easier to handle. Yachting is supposed to be fun, so our goal is to create more time for charter professionals to develop closer relationships with their clients.

We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to empower cooperation between Charter Operators and Agencies. Our team of Heroes is excited to create intelligent yacht charter business solutions for everyone through our software, education, and community.

Meet the Team

Meet the Booking Manager Heroes

We're a team of enthusiasts who are constantly working on simplifying yacht charter business for everyone

Creating a successful company is not only about getting the right idea at the right time. Above else it is about team of ambitious people supporting each other and having courage to push their limits to achieve something that hasn’t been done before. I am happy to see that MMK became a company of such people.

Marko Gnjidić

Since the first day in MMK, this place has become my second home. Every day is different, full of excitement and hard work. But at the end of the day, when our clients are happy and job is done, my heart is fulfilled.

Martina Hršak

For me MMK is a priceless experience! Not only for the professional development which I have been experiencing since my first day at the company, but also for the great people that now I consider friends.

Mario Mamić

Strong values and team work would be my first hints to describe working experience in this company. I am proud of being here as the part of success story in such a competitive market environment.

Armando Bortolazzi

I am happy to have an opportunity to do the job that makes my blood racing in such a positive work atmosphere. Each task is a new challenge that involves both knowledge and personal effort. Such approach always delivers results beyond expectations and brings a smile on my face.

Maja Kakić

MMK brings positive changes to this industry, so it is great privilege and amazing experience for me to work here. The moment you see your clients happy and realize that you are part of great team, that managed to provide them with solution that saved their time and helped them to be successful companies is priceless.

Zdenko Filipčić

It is so exciting to create innovative solutions as a part of the Team. Not only for the success it brings, but also for the process it takes. MMK is more than opportunity to achieve professional goals, it’s more like a mindset that keeps me motivated and determined to push my own boundaries.

Matea Stojić

It is great satisfaction to work in such well organized and fast growing IT company. Chance to learn something new every day and dynamic work environment along with innovative team of helpful colleagues is biggest MMK value. I’m very proud to be a part of this global and successful team.

Daniel Škarek

Working in marketing has always been a big goal of mine, and becoming a part of MMK Systems is truly a dream come true. The team of ambitious, determined and helpful people creates the perfect work environment and I'm learning something new every day.

Lorena Franjić

I am one of the newest employee on-board, just at the beginning of the road, but already amazed by the company’s mode of operation. Each task is an opportunity to learn something new and develop professional skills.

Marija Turčić

I have spent most of my career working in MMK and since the fresh start I have been focused on doing my best. Even on bad days, it is inspiring company culture that has the strong impact on my engagement and keeps me more productive.

Dean Košutić

Working as a programer at MMK makes me feel complete and it brings the constant opportunity for learning new skills and mastering the challanges of my current role. Encouraging working atmosphere and genuine team-work assets are someting that makes this company truly stand out among other competitors in the market, which only eases the execution of regular, daily tasks.

Hrvoje Vuković

I am happy to work in a company like MMK Systems. Doing the job I love and cooperating with talented team members in a friendly atmosphere creates the perfect conditions for professional development and improvement of my skills.

Dino Ladika

Working at MMK Systems as a programmer enables me to improve my abilities every day. The great atmosphere between colleagues in the company greatly contributes to that and allows me to combine business with pleasure.

Mislav Piskać

It feels great to see daily progress and improvement of the product as a result of the effective teamwork and your personal contribution to it. Along with delivering new solutions and improving the existing ones, you can't help but grow and develop your own professional qualities.

Marijana Barnjak

The thing I like the most about my job is the positive influence we have on the business success of our partners. It’s great to leave the office with personal satisfaction, knowing that you have helped someone to work better.

Danijel Kordić

When your work with a great team in a great atmosphere it's like you are with friends hanging out at the beach. Working in MMK is the best thing you can do if you want to grow and learn new and exciting stuff.

Nadia D'Addezio

I love to work in the atmosphere where your colleagues are always here for you, where you learn something new every day and where being 2nd best is not an option.

Zvonimir Molnar

Being a part of MMK Systems support team is not only an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth but very rewarding as well. Every day is different, dynamic, at times challenging but all that maters is that our clients needs are met.

Mijo Mamić

Working as MMK customer support team member gives me feeling of having the whole world in my hands because we communicate with so many clients from all over the world on a daily basis. I'm proud to make clients happy because great customer service is the holy grail of business and I'm proud to be part of the great MMK team.

Sabina Kucelj

Here for almost a decade and have never felt anything but happiness. Doing the job I love in such a positive work environment, surrounded by kind young people makes me satisfied and motivated to always do my best.

Tatjana Mladenović
Monia Calzone and Vanessa Dondon

Clients Speak For Themselves

The System is simply amazing, functional, practical and efficient. Also, our team can count on MMK team support anytime - they are always at our disposal for any need we may have.

Monia Calzone and Vanessa Dondon,
Office Managers, Boomerang 10 12 1 27
Zeki Yücel

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager System was our first and only choice when starting a charter agency because of their know-how and reputation built over more than 12 years in this market.

Zeki Yücel,
Co-owner, Bavaria Yacht Broker 10 12 1 27
Thomas Fock

Clients Speak For Themselves

From now on all yachts data can be exported from Booking Manager to happycharter.com. This will save a lot of the charter operators time and they will be able to focus their business on what is most important: happy customers.

Thomas Fock,
General Manager, Happycharter 10 12 1 27