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Why to Book directly through the system?

  • Check out the most important reasons:
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Documentation overview
  • Yachting Feedback

5 Reasons Why to Join Booking Manager!

  • 1. The Global Market
  • 2. Powerful Back Office
  • 3. You Own You Data
  • 4. Strong Cutomer Support
  • 5. Promotion

Top 5 Booking Manager Features

The only solution you need to fully run your charter business is Local Booking Manager (LBM) is! It's your back office, CRM and your true partner for everyday work organization and management!

  • Intro
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Competitors Overview
  • Boat Maintenance & Warehouse
  • Automatic Statistic Reports
  • Marketing Automatization

Sailsense Integration

Booking Manager has partnered with Sailsense to offer our common clients an even better solution. Connect the Booking Sheet of your Local Booking Manager Local Application to the Sailsense rental section.

  • Synchronize Your Calendar
  • Digital Check-In
  • All Documents In One Place

Crew List in Montenegro

  • Crew List for Port Authority
  • Fast Crew List Links
  • Gathering Data

IBCS Anchored

IBCS-Anchored provides a unique service in supporting all operators in demonstrating their compliance with the ISO international standards for yacht charter

  • Anchored Certificate
  • Guarantee Quality Service
  • Improving Industry Together

Adria Scan

Booking Manager partnered with Adria Scan to create a useful new feature that enables you to scan client documents and avoid manual data entry to crew lists. Scanners are an ideal solution for charter operators because they decrease check-in time and allow you to spend more time on customer care rather than typing.

  • 1. Fast Scan
  • 2. Automatic Data Entry
  • 3. Address Book Corrections