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Send quick offers and handle more clients

Booking Manager is a complete organizational solution for charter companies. It helps you automate booking process, track your payments and make detailed statistical reports.

Work Faster

Booking Manager desktop application automates all aspects of the booking process including price and discount calculations, availability tracking, issuing offers, booking confirmations, contracts and invoices.

Depending on your fleet size it saves significant amount of time to the office staff and speeds up workflow.


Send Quick Offers

Booking Manager enables you to send automatic quick price quote offers,  it is the only solution on the market that can calculate correct quotes for customers without any manual intervention.

Daily work is faster and time that is spent on bookings is much shorter. You are able to create your own templates for price quotes which make them unique.


Handle More Clients

Address Book keeps all the information about your clients, agencies and end guests and helps you to quickly track and communicate with them through your default e-mail client.

From automatic price quote generation to the payment tracking and booking performance analysis, all information about any client is only few clicks away.


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