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Get More Clients

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Make your partnership even more trustworthy and enable your clients to securely log in to your online booking sheet and make direct options or reservations

Connect With Partners

Your business partners/agencies are able to connect to your online booking sheet at anytime 24/7 and make real time options and reservations. Security settings allow you to limit the possible actions per partner.

Also you can enable your yacht owners to log in and track the booking performance of their own yachts online.

Flexible Online Office

Online orders are synchronized with your charter application, removing the need for additional manual work of registering the orders in the booking office.

Additionally your partners will receive all the necessary documents automatically from the system in PDF form via e-mail, which makes the online booking significant cost saving factor.

Apply Customised Statistics

Powerful reporting module allows you to generate different financial statistics and dynamically track booking performance by yacht, partner or target market (country). Live analysis can help you retreive the situation in any point in the past.

All reports are exportable in number of formats including Excel spreadsheets.

Thomas Stelzl

Clients Speak For Themselves

Our work is much faster and easier now. With Booking Manager search engine on our website, our clients can see which yachts are available and book them on their own.

Thomas Stelzl,
Owner, Stelzl Yachtcharter 21 7 4 27
Igor Ibarguchi

Clients Speak For Themselves

With mobile version of Booking Manager we are able to access our planning tables, bookings, invoices and address book, wherever we are - even at the sea!

Igor Ibarguchi,
General Manager, Rumbo Norte 21 7 4 27
Marek Stryjecki

Clients Speak For Themselves

Thanks to the promptness and simplicity of Booking Manager features, our job have become so much easier. We are now able to react among first to each client enquiry. It gives us an advantage over the other agencies which increases our chance to win a booking.

Marek Stryjecki,
CEO, Odisej Yachting 21 7 4 27