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Odisej Yachting owner Marek Stryjecki confirmes the old saying that "the only source of knowledge is experience". After nearly 40 years of working as a first engineer of many large ships that sailed around the world, in the late 1990s he started a charter business.

The Importance of Having a Knowledge Base

Odisej Yachting is a proud long-time representative of the powerful Polish boat manufacturer – Delphia Yachts – which is today known as a stable and high-quality brand in Croatian nautical circles which grants it with a title of “Boat of the Year” for 2012 and 2014. Besides Delphia Yachts, they also offer other renowned brands such as Salona, Bavaria, Elan, Beneteau and Azimut. Odisej Yachting also launched a site Jachtchorwacja.pl where they offer a better promotion of sailing in Adriatic to owner’s home Polish market. Odisej Yachting company was established in 2005 when they situated the headquarters in Marina Mandalina near Šibenik, as the ideal starting position for any destination in Adriatic.

Consistency of Experience and Client Satisfaction

In addition to renting boats, Odisey Yachting deals with the maintenance of the vessels and obtaining all necessary information for charter activities under foreign flags, creating an income plan and consultations in purchasing a suitable vessel. A successful charter management program balances the wishes and interests of both the vessel owner and the charter that promotes them, to the satisfaction of both parties. "By accessing the MMK application, boat owners in our charter management program are provided with accurate information at all times. They are familiar with exact occupancy of their vessel with all conditions, which enable them the precise insight into the final financial outcome much ahead of the time." - says Marek. The growth of Odisej Yachting was carefully planned, which positioned them as a reliable business partner and a successful company in a boat rental industry. "In our offer you can now find 15 sailboats and motor vessels that are successfully placed on the market all over Europe via our reliable partners and supported by Booking Manager System." - explains Ana Pulić, Booking Manager at Odisej Yachting.

Together Everyone Achieves More

From this year Odisej Yachting decided to become Golden Partner of Booking Manager. This way, they will be promoted exclusively in Booking Manager System. "In the race for better sales and satisfied customers we have decided to use only Booking Manager System. It meets all of our needs. MMK System team is great, they always listen to our wishes and makes us competitive in the market. We are using a large part of the Booking Manager program such as detailed display of vessels, characteristics and equipment, monitoring occupancy status and payments, creating advanced, final, and fiscal invoices. Also, it is of great importance to us that the System creates statistics per the most diverse criteria such as a financial performance of each yacht and each agent we are working with, daily usage of the yachts, transfer list, embarkment list etc." - clarifies Marek. With the program Odisej has the possibility of informing potential clients about everything they need really easy and quickly, in just one offer. It makes it of great importance to assist the clients with the confidence they will get the best possible service and assure their decision on renting. Likewise, Odisej Yachting creates newsletters directly from the System, to notifiy the clients about all novelties and special promotions they offer. "We like the idea that everything can be managed directly from Booking Manager System." - concludes Marek.

To find out more about Odisej Yachting, please visit their website.

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