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Booking Manager is proud to present you Barcheyacht.it agency, our newest featured partner from Italy.

Thanks to cooperation with Booking Manager System, if you agree, your boats will be automatically visible on Barcheyacht.it. Also, each and every change (boat rates, availability, etc.) will be automatically updated. This way, time-saving and budget-conscious promotion is guaranteed!

They will promote your fleet on their website and will get 8% + VAT commission from the total amount remitted to you by the Client only upon booking confirmation. Registration is free and no direct action on Barcheyacht.it is required on your part as Booking Manager System will make your boats automatically visible online.

We are confident that Barcheyacht.it will provide you, Booking Manager Users, with an added value being an effective instrument to enhance your vessels visibility.

To get more information about Barcheyacht.it, check out their web site.