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Tips that help you speed up your invoicing!


Tips that help you speed up your invoicing!
Dijana Cvitas

06 June, 2022 | 5 min read

We talked many times about how Booking Manager System and its back-office solutions can help you manage and speed up your business. But to be able to use its full potential and make the System work for you requires only one important thing: „feed“ the System with as much important information as you can! When you make your reservations through Booking Manager and do them properly, like adding all info such as Client or Agency details renting the boat, setting the full calculation with agreed terms of payment and client special requirements, you can automatize many tasks which helps you save a lot of time! And you have everything in one place, just a few clicks away.

Booking Manager's back-office package depends a lot on your needs, and it's therefore adjusted both to smaller fleets with 1 or 2 boats and big ones with  more than 1000 of yachts , where your fleet management is more comprehensive and requires significant organization and data tracking.
Check out our list of the most important advantages of using full scale of advanced back-office possibilities!

1. Payment Analyzer

If you manage all your reservations through Booking Manager, you can always view the list of invoices, select the ones that weren’t paid or need to be sent out, and get the list of reservations that have passed the due date.


2. Payment Reminder

Did you know that the System can remind you if you have any upcoming or overdue payments, so you don’t have to think about them? All you have to do is schedule some rules for reminders like to remind the client two days after the invoice is overdue, set up an email message and let the System do all the work.

3. Financial Reports

This is such a powerful tool that helps you to understand better where you are at any point of the year or season and track all your activities when it comes to agency performance, your fleet performance and owner share overview.

Agency Performance Report – track the performance of agencies you work with;
Direct Clients Report – overview of your companies performance by direct clients;
Yacht Performance Report – always be updated on how your fleet performs;
Owner Share List – if your company manages boats owned by private owners, with owner share list you are able to mange your owner/s monthly revenue;
List of Extras – get an overview of all you sold extras like how many outboard engines you rented during the year.


And what’s very important, the System’s API is connected to international book-keeping software, which enables you to sync all your financial data quickly and have your accounting simplified.

If you need any assistance and support regarding any of above mentioned topiscs, you can always contact our team!