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5 Reasons Why to Join Booking Manager!


5 Reasons Why to Join Booking Manager!
Dijana Cvitas

25 February, 2022 | 5 min read

By joining Booking Manager your fleet becomes visible to the largest network of agencies worldwide, which boosts your chances to get more bookings and increases your revenue.
How can you benefit from the most advanced Yacht Charter Booking Engine and largest real-time distribution network?

1. The Global Market

Booking Manager is the global booking engine and distribution system that connects you with more than 5.000 agencies worldwide! Being part of such a large network saves you time and effort trying to find partners and clients! Also, the System shows you how your offer stands in regards to your competitors at a specific time, so you can constantly adjust the offer according to the market. Once your fleet is displayed in real-time, no matter if you have only one boat or a large fleet, you get the chance to increase bookings and profit.

2. Powerful Back Office

Over the years, Booking Manager has been developing new and updating existing features allowing you to better organize and speed up your daily work, make wiser business decisions based on various reports and statistics, track your payments and bookings, make crew lists, contact clients and so much more. You decide on the level of Back Office that suites your needs, but you can always upgrade to use all of the available options! The System is available in 6 languages, with documentation and paperwork possible in 28 languages, also adjusted to local legislations.

3. You Own Your Data!

Security of your data is a priority! All the data in your Booking Manager account are your own! It means that everything is downloadable on your local computer, allowing you to access it whenever, even with no Internet connection. The data is also stored on backup servers for your safety. Various reports and statistics available in the System allow you to play with your data, make decisions and build your own sales strategy.

4. Strong Customer Support!

Booking Manager offers you a strong customer support team to train you on how to use the System, the features, reporting, so you can cover all your needs on your own. The team of highly educated and advanced enthusiasts is available for communication in 6 languages – French, Croatian, English, Italian, German, Spanish; Mon-Sat from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

5. Promotion!

Besides being visible to all the global agencies through the System, we also love sharing and promoting our partner fleets. All new and upgraded fleets are promoted through news on our web page, our Social Media networks and newsletters sent to all our partners. Also, great stories deserve more attention, so from time to time, we film Success Stories with our partners proudly promoting their business. We organize live online event „Meet New Fleets“ giving new fleets the opportunity to promote their company and connect with agencies worldwide.