Make your fleet bookable to thousands of agencies

Booking Manager gives you an opportunity to publish your fleet in several online distribution systems. You will accomplish much better visibility on the wider charter market.

Online Booking

Booking Manager is the leading distribution channel for charter fleets. Our portal for agencies has around 1800 agencies registered that are searching for available boats, making options and bookings through the system.

Booking Manager fleets have their boats listed on the portal.


Web Search Engine

Web Booking Manager is a charter booking engine for websites that is currently being used by several hundred agencies and charter companies. It can be easily inserted into your website and enable real time search for web site visitors.

Web Booking Manager is the easiest way to have your fleet bookable on your website.


Online Network

As a Booking Manager user your fleet will be visible on hundreds of websites that are running on Booking Manager technology.

Additionally, many external booking systems such as freeBo and MisterBooking are connected to Booking Manager and publishing your fleet. Those systems are also used by large number of charter brokers.


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